Basic Lawn Mowing Service up to 8200

Lawn Mowing Service   Line trimming, edging and blowing  $32 per service

Bag clippings front yard only (if requested)
no contract. Month to Month (Prepaid Service)

We will mow, edge,line trimming, blow your lawn up to 46 times per year

What is not included in your service. Hedge trimming, Flower beds maintenance and clean ups, tree trimming, fertilizer, aeration, mulch

Please add $5 per service when we switch to bi-weekly service . If you like to make changes to your service, like switching to bi-weekly or cancelling your service, this will take effect on your next billing cycle.(no credit) .When we switch to biweekly service your service day we be +/- day. Please have your sprinkler system off on the day of your service.
Your lot size before improvements

we may bill you from $69.28 to $173.20 Depending on time of the year , number of services per month and your lawn mowing service schedule. We will calculate all services each month to determine the billing amount (Pre paid). The amount will not exceed $162.38 per Month. Please add $5 per service when we switch to bi-weekly service. If you need additional services beyond the service you subscribed for we will send you an invoice for those additional services. Home owner/ renter/Lease holder is responsible for picking up rocks, hoses, dog toys, children toys, dog waste and other debris and small objects that can go airborne that can break windows, hit our workers, break our equipment, car windows, home or any other object. We are not responsible for broken sprinkler heads especially the ones that were not properly installed and are above ground .All patio furniture and barbecues should be on a concrete slab not on the lawn we are not responsible damaging furniture, covers that are left on the lawn. In the event of  rain if it rains more than 2 days in one week your service may be skipped and rescheduled for the following week. no credit . Please understand  by skipping your service we will have twice as much work. (The customer is responsible to cancel payment on paypal to close there account)  When we switch to biweekly or all year round biweekly service your service day we be +/- day.(No Bi-weekly service from May to October no Exceptions). By subscribing to Automatic Billing you read and understand the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this contract.

Lawn Service Schedule. (No Bi-weekly service from May to August no Exceptions)

January2-3Winter Service add $5 per service
February2-3Winter Service add $5 per service
March2-3Lawn Mowing add $5 per service
AprilweeklyLawn Service
MayWeeklyLawn Service
JuneWeeklyLawn Service
JulyWeeklyLawn Service
AugustWeeklyLawn Service
SeptemberWeeklyLawn Service
OctoberWeeklyLawn Service
November3Lawn Service add $5 per service
December2-3Lawn Service add $5 per service

lawn mowing service $32 per service + Tax. Due to high gas prices and inflation there will be a $2 per service increase(effective as of May 2022)for new and current customers.

You can be billed from $69.28 to $173.20 USD per Month  this will depend on the numbers of weeks in a month. (No Bi-weekly service from May to August no Exceptions)


8200sf basic
You can be billed up to $173.20 USD
To Sign up for Lawn mowing service click on Automatic billing