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Pay for Service One Time
 Pay Sor Service One Time. Prepaid
Lawn mowing service Price in Fairfield Cypress TXLawn mowing prices Fairfield Cypress TXEdge Weedeat you lawn
  1. *Grass cutting

  2. *Weed eating

  3. *Blow

  4. *Edge

*Bag clippings front yard only(if requested)  


                 Prepaid Service

Your lot size before  improvements  Check here
Up to 6200 square foot
before  improvements $32  if more then 2 weeks $42
Corner lot up to 8200square foot $42 if more then 2 weeks $60
 If it's been more then 2 weeks since your grass has been cut (april to October) add $10 to $20. If   your grass or weeds are more then 8 inches  your lawn mowing service
 cost will be $50.   Home owner/ renter/Lease holder is responsible for picking up rocks, hoses, dog toys, children toys, dog waste and other debris and small objects that can go airborne that can break windows, hit our workers, break our equipment, car windows, home or any other object. We are not responsible for broken sprinkler heads especially the ones that were not properly installed and are above ground.  You read and understand the TERMS AND CONTITIONS of this contract.
Pay for Service One Time

Terms and conditions

7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
Our regular service consists of Mow, Edge, Weedeat & Blow (MEW&B). We mulch all grass when possible. Grass cannot be mulched when it
is very long or has heavy leaf debris. The grass and debris can be bagged and bags left on the curb for additional charge. We only bag front yard if requested.
We observe national holidays and yards will be done a day earlier or later these weeks.
skip service the day of (you must call at least 3 days before your service) the service and the crew shows up at your lawn, you will be charged regular rate. If the month has more then five monday, tuesday, wendesday, thursday ,friday you will be charge for one additional service or you may choose to skip service (you must call at least 3 days before your service) .
If payment is not received within 30 days, a mechanical lien will be placed on the property.

30 days for refund precessing

Month Frequency Service
January 1 Winter Service
February 1 Winter Servcie
March 2 Lawn Mowing
April 2 Lawn Service
May Weekly Lawn Service
June Weekly Lawn Service
July Weekly Lawn Service
August Weekly Lawn Service
September Weekly Lawn Service
October Weekly Lawn Service
November 2-3 Lawn Service
December 2 Lawn Service
Lawn Service Schedule